"There are no words to express our gratitude for Steve and Charlene's selfless endeavor to dedicate a home in memory of Lawrence (Larryboy) our only son and military legacy. This act of kindness allows us to have some sort of resonance of peace knowing that he will continue to live on through the hearts and minds of his fellow brothers and sisters, and all who pass through the halls of this home!"

Gold Star Mother Dorine 2019

“Every American should have the honor to attend a Basic Training Graduation.There are few prouder moments in life than watching your child become an Airman. Knowing our son's name will be remembered, in a place with his Air Force family, where his lifelong dream came true, is very heartwarming. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to show, through Homes of Heroes, what an amazing son we have and also welcome the families staying in these homes. We hugely appreciate the courage of these men and women and their families that dedicate their lives to defending our freedom. We are proud of each and every one. A special thank you to Steve and Charlene for sharing their beautiful hearts.”

I Loving Memory of our son, SSgt Zackary S. Barton 10.29.89 ~ 10.13.13

Basic Training Honor Graduate ~ February 2008

Always Remembered, Always Loved - NEVER FORGOTTEN

Gary & Christi B

“We just booked our dates with Homes of Heros🇺🇸!! Steve is absolutely awesome! The booking experience is excellent and they are so polite and helpful! We can not wait until our arrival! God really outdone himself when he placed it on the hearts of Homes of Heros to serve their purpose and help BMT families! We are forever grateful.”

Ji-mikia K

“I’m really happy I had the opportunity to come across this mission while I was searching for places to stay for my son's upcoming graduation. The idea to create a home in honor of fallen service members creates an environment for our family serving that they will never be forgotten for their ultimate sacrifice.”

Jennifer S

“We can’t thank Steve and Charlene enough for making us part of Home of Heroes. Our son's name will be remembered, I know his legacy and dedication to the military will pass on to his fellow Air Force airmen. Honoring him the way he used to honor his fallen brothers and sisters is an overwhelming feeling . Thank u Home of Heroes!”

Daisy and Keith J

“We stayed at Aim High. From the booking on I have no complaints. They answered all questions quickly. They even worked with us for a late check out which was fantastic since we had a 4 hr drive to the airport after Sunday with our airman. The house was so clean and offered so many things .We especially appreciated the seat cushions there is also a cooler. They were great for the ceremonies. We had a few things that we thought could make it better and already they have done them or addressed them. Perfect example when we were sitting in the living room the back doors allowed bright light in and curtains would make it better. They have already installed them. (They sent pictures) The house itself had plenty of seasonings, aluminum foil, ziplock bags and many condiments. We could not have asked for more. THANKS! For providing a relaxing place for our airman. All he wanted to do was watch YouTube, Netflix and relax. The site itself helped me not have to be concerned if we were in the loop or not. One less thing to be concerned about.”

Danielle B

“My family didn't get to partake in the graduation festivities because they closed LACKLAND due to Covid 19. Despite the miserable start to our trip our home was amazing and Crystal was great to work with. We felt safer there than a hotel especially during the high level of concern. I would recommend if you're traveling to see your Airman this is the place for you and your family. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Rikki W

Shout out to Homes of Heroes! We booked a home for our visit to San Antonio. Our son called Friday to tell us to cancel or reservation due to the Coronavirus . When I emailed them to cancel our reservations, within a few minutes they were calling me. They were so kind and understanding! For those of you planning travel to San Antonio please consider booking with them!❤🇺🇸✈

Dana B.

Wish we would have booked with Homes of Heroes. We booked with Airbnb we called Wednesday to see if we could get refund as graduation was canceled and we were traveling from Ohio , they said no , Airbnb said our reservation didn’t meet the “ Covid-19 criteria” ?? It’s been awful. I will never book with Airbnb again.

Alicia C.

We stayed at a Home of Heroes! It was an honor!

Laura E.

Loved staying in one of their homes last month! I recommend them whenever I have the chance.

Andrea H.

We had to cancel also for our graduation. I could not have asked for better communication or quick refund. We need to be praying for these business owners and ask for Gods financial blessings over them for doing the hard thing, but never hesitated in giving a refund. Coming together in a day of prayer for all nation and world.

Kellie H.

They are amazing! 🏆💗

Nancy H.

Humbling. What an incredible company. It was an honor to stay with them.

Aleese H.

They were great with us too!

Jennifer H.

Homes of Heroes is amazing! They’re accommodating, kind and wonderful.

Tania L.

We stayed with Homes of Heros and had the absolute BEST experience we could have possibly have had!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Susan R.

They were wonderful

Highly recommend!!!!

June B.

We stayed at Ty's Place with Homes of Heroes. Highly recommend anyone who is going to BMT graduations in the future.

Brandi C.

Huge shout out for making it easy to cancel our reservations! If I ever get to go to San Antonio, I will definitely be making my reservation through them. 🧡

Sheri H.

I am so grateful that we chose Homes of Heros. Not only was our house beautiful, located in a nice area, but for reasons like the Coronavirus outbreak! I LOVE THE MILITARY FAMILY!!!!! This is what America is about, support for one another!

Nicole S.

You all are fantastic!

Liz W.

You all have been amazing. Thank you for all you do. ❤💙

JoLynn S.

Steve and Charlene just proving again, what an amazing stand up person he is and what he and his organization stands for! Bravo!

Mary B.

Steve and Charlene, you are amazing people! I can't recommend you enough! Fantastic properties and a Fantastic couple! ❤❤❤

Julie E.

I wish I would have booked through your company 😞 It’s so great that you all are being so accommodating considering the circumstances of the Coronavirus outbreak. My Airbnb is holding firm on their cancellation and refund policy of 14 days notice. Very disappointing.

Jamie J.

That’s awesome ! Wish we would have known about you when we booked. We just lost $800 on lodging through AirBnB!

Joe B.

Steve Winters you guys are wonderful and doing wonderful things! Praying for all affected, I am so brokenhearted for the families and future airman!!! 🙏💙🇺🇸✈

Jessica R.

You just convinced me to go with you if we get to come in June. What heart !

Leslie M.

Again this company is great! We enjoyed our stay more than you know. Hopefully this crisis will be over soon and these families will get the extraordinary experience we had! Way to go Homes of Heroes !!!

Glen E.

God bless you for extending that courtesy to your “extended family”....You rock!!!

Alan B.

Love yalls heart!! Lord bless these families and their Airmen

Sheila D.

Wish other businesses felt the same as Homes of Heroes and expressed more understanding. Submitted a claim yesterday but doesnt look like we will be recieving a refund... Homes of Heroes all the way for sure!!

Rochelle S.

"We had reserved the Coin Ceremony home for our sons BMT graduation May 1 but due to COVID-19 we will not be able to attend since it is cancelled. From the moment we booked until the moment we had to cancel, Charlene was wonderful. Great service and quick to respond. We were able to get our deposit refunded. We will definitely try to book again if we can attend tech school graduation!"

Karla B

We have had an excellent experience with Homes of Heroes and the homeowners of Sacrifice: Jonesie's Place. Prior to our arrival date, I asked very specific questions about kitchen supplies. They were exceptional to work with. We may need to go to San Antonio again to visit our Airman and will not hesitate to rent this home. Thank you to the homeowners for all the efforts and providing superb customer service. We could not have asked for a better experience! Blessings to you.

Kelley H.

The Homes of Heroes house was the perfect place for my family during my son's BMT graduation. Not only was the house perfect for us (my elderly parents didn't need to stay in a hotel), it was an honor to read and learn about the airman who had passed away during her service to our country. Everything we could have asked for was already there. Great outdoor eating area and a grill- tv with Netflix- comfortable seating for the entire family. I whole heartedly recommend renting one of the homes for your needs. My airman wanted to relax and see us. This made it perfect. Thank you to the fine associates of Homes Of Heroes, especially Steve and Charlene. Your gift to the families of BMT graduation is most appreciated. We were in the LAST week of ceremonies before the Covid-19 cancellation. I was so impressed that the families were refunded with no hassle.

Alese H.